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I Man Geftao:Invest in us!

Our service to the LGBTQI community cannot be completed without the generosity of people like you (I man geftao).  Experience our mission, by making a donation today. Your investment will go toward improving the quality of life of our LGBTQI community and funding critical services for people who need it most.


Will you help us? The donation you make today is an investment in our core services and ultimately goes toward eliminating the health and social challenges impacting our community:

  • Project Mangåffa' Peer Education Program

  • Substance Abuse & Suicide Prevention

  • Cho'guiyi Volunteer Program

  • HIV/AIDS Prevention & Testing Services

  • Support Groups

  • Individual and Couples Supportive Counseling Services

  • Referral Services

  • Capacity Building & Technical Assistance

  • Live Proud Social Marketing Campaign

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